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Advanced mechanics of solids analytical and numerical solutions with MATLAB

Schmerr, Lester W.

Advanced mechanics of solids - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2021 - xiii, 566p

Includes bibliography and index (p. 565-566)

Build on the foundations of elementary mechanics of materials texts with this modern textbook that covers the analysis of stresses and strains in elastic bodies. Discover how all analyses of stress and strain are based on the four pillars of equilibrium, compatibility, stress-strain relations, and boundary conditions. These four principles are discussed and provide a bridge between elementary analyses and more detailed treatments with the theory of elasticity. Using MATLAB® extensively throughout, the author considers three-dimensional stress, strain and stress-strain relations in detail with matrix-vector relations. Based on classroom-proven material, this valuable resource provides a unified approach useful for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students, practicing engineers, and researchers.


Analytical solutions
Work–Energy concepts

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