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245 _aFamily wisdom
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520 _aRobin Sharmas Family Wisdom has the ability to transform the lives of families all over the globe. In this revelation, he introduces readers to a system that will teach them how to bring out the natural leadership abilities within their children. While doing so, Sharma also shows readers how to maintain a sense of inner peace, joy, and balance during the process. Family Wisdom is written as a narrative featuring the character of Julian Mantle, a high-powered attorney turned monk, who was first featured in Sharmas The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Through Mantles adventures, Sharma reveals the answers to the most profound questions about life. In Family Wisdom, Sharma reveals five masteries or skills which will teach readers how to nurture the innate leader within their children. By acquiring these masteries, readers will unlock their childrens hidden talents, strengthen their relationships with them, show their children how to find success, and inspire their children to develop strong and wise personalities. These masteries will benefit readers by strengthening family culture, helping them connect with their destinies, and finding balance in life. For instance in the first mastery, Sharma talks about how leadership starts at home. According to the author, parents are the first set of leaders in a childs life. As a result, parents should focus on doing the right thing rather than the easiest thing. In another principle, Sharma focuses on building trust. He maintains that parents ought to shift their mindset from scolding to moulding. This in turn will strengthen the bond between parents and children. Sharmas Family Wisdom is an inspirational read that is very much applicable in todays family structure. — Unlock the best talents and highest abilities of your child — Deepen the relationships between you and those you love — Inspire your children to be strong of character and wise of mind — Teach your kids how to dream big dreams and find true success — Bring balance back into your life and live with greater simplicity, joy and peace — Get back to what is most important in life and enjoy its gifts
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650 _aJourney to grow and lead
650 _aSoul of your enterprise
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